What is Electronic Money Institution?

An Electronic Money Institution ( “EMI” ) is a market participant licensed by the local central bank, which has the right to issue electronic money. Electronic money is pre-paid monetary value issued into circulation and held on electronic devices, which can be used for payment transaction, remittances, foreign exchange, etc. EMI has implemented in many countries, especially in Europe, including Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, etc.

An open digital platform

EMI is not only providing a range of digital financial services and payment services, but also integrating with various third-party service providers, such as e-Commerce platform, forum. In order to bring a variety of services and products to customers, and build an inclusive business ecosystem.

A new way to open account

EMIs are generally without setting physical branch or representative office, which allowing remote account opening to access user account number in 5 minutes with your smart device.


  • Mobile phone number
  • ID card
  • Company registration documents and contract of initial transaction (for corporate customer only)


  • ID card
  • Selfie


  • Fill in your information
  • Upload company registration documents and contract of initial transaction (for corporate customer only)
* Customers might need to provide relevant business documents later

Tailor-made financial solution

Offering designated customers range of tailor-made digital financial solutions and platform to meet your business needs, maximising your wealth potential - achieving great rewards together.

Digital payment service operating by smartphone

Striving to break through the regional boundaries with a strong emphasis on ensuring data security, to complete the customer on-boarding and transaction at anytime and anywhere, securely use a comprehensive service platform by a digital way. Such saving a range of unnecessary complicated procedures to provide quality and efficient customer experience.

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Offer unequal customized payment services

Make payment service more wonderful

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With the purpose of breaking through the stereotypes by applying contemporary FinTech innovation, to streamline traditional financial service processes. In order to provide comprehensive digital financial services in a disruptive, cost-effective and technology-driven manner to customers around the world.

WeGeNet, by comparing to the traditional financial institutions, will strive to provide better and more intimate digital financial services to customers including corporate and SME customers with a better customer experience.


Offer unequal customized payment services, make payment service more wonderful.


Offer tailor made digital payment services.

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